The following information regarding our business hours is posted at our storefront located at our ranch.

Business Hours

We are Open

We are open for business most days about 8:30am. Some days as early as 6 or 7, but occasionally as late as 12:30 or 1, but usually around 9 unless it's later.

We are Closed

We close at 5 or 6, sometimes at 4. If all hell breaks out at home we close at 3. Occasionly we're open as late as 11:30 or 12 pm, depending. Some afternoons, mornings, or entire days we aren't even here at all, but lately we've been open all the time, except when we're closed, but really we should be here then too, unless we left early.

Call us 320.243.3453 for a saddle fitting appointment or when the urge to stop comes to you, and we will make every effort to be here.

Flanders Saddle Shop

Flanders Saddle Shop is a family owned and operated business located two miles west of Paynesville, Minnesota.

We have been selling western saddles and tack for over twenty years, and pride ourselves on offereing excellent prices for our superior goods, with top-nitch service.

Mike, who has owned horses all his life, is a superb horseman, and avid horse enthusiast. Mike's gift of gab, along with his life-long experience with horses makes the shop a fun place for customers to stop, shop and talk.

Riding Stable

Mike and Jo, along with their son Dugan also own and operate a riding stable that offers day to week-long horse camps for all ages, private lessons, and hour long trail rides.

Just call us, 320.243.3453 and we will make an appointmnet for you.

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